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Cash In On The $10.4 Billion Self Improvement Industry With This Valuable PLR Package

A Quality DFY Content Bundle That You Can Put Your Name On, Sell As Your Own And Keep 100% Of The Profits!


We all know starting an online business is not a walk in the park. As an online entrepreneur, your responsibilities are numerous.

And when it comes to building your online empire, creating courses and products takes time and a lot of money.

Thus creating content on a regular basis is hard to keep up.

That's where our PLR products come in.


We believe that as a  business owner, your time and energy should be placed on high-priority tasks like building relationships with key partners and growing your audience instead of spending your time brainstorming what products are currently in-demand and how to produce them.

Not to mention the time it will take you in front of your computer designing, writing and coding websites.

Fortunately, we take that responsibility off your shoulders!

Our team of designers, writers, researchers, and developers have done all the long, tedious and painful tasks for you so that you can focus on more important things in your business.

And I'm proud to say that we were able to put together this incredible package that you can get instant access to today that's complete with everything you need.


"Sustained Optimism"

Keeping Yourself Happy And Healthy

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According to Marketdata, the Self-Improvement market in the U.S. alone was worth $11.6 billion in 2019. It went down by 10% in 2020 but it is expected to recover in 2021 by 7.7% and it is forecasted to grow by 6% annually to $14 billion by the year 2025. With this statistic in mind, it is imperative to ride the wave of growth now and get your share of profits in this lucrative market niche. [Source: marketresearch.com]

And with this Private Label Rights package, you're not getting just any kind of eBook but a complete course and business-in-a-box bundle that you'll be proud to own!

The content is designed to help your readers, students, and clients/customers attract more success, abundance, happiness and health so they can achieve a life free from worries and unnecessary stress. In turn, their overall health and outlook in life is improved.

Considering the challenges and stress the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, this product is perfect to help its end users who may be experiencing mental difficulties and pessimism.


In the United States alone, 86% of respondents agree that the world has become more dangerous over the last year. That's a huge percentage of respondents with a pessimistic outlook.  

What's even more worth noticing is that the global average of those who share this pessimistic point of view is 82%.

With this in mind, don't you think its timely that a product that aims to help people overcome this negative outlook in life be released? Wouldn't you feel more satisfied that your product solves a problem for others and that it actually helped them become better individuals?

I am confident you would answer in the affirmative. Thus, you need to secure your copy of this product and start sharing optimism and a positive outlook in these uncertain times.


MODULE 1: High Quality eBook 

VALUE: $350

A full 78 page rebrandable eBook that contains more than 10,000 words written in the conversationalist way to make the information inside appealing and understandable to readers. This method of writing is useful in helping the end consumers achieve the goal of living life optimistically and to live life happily and in optimal health.

Elegant Chapter Graphics Are Included

MODULE 2: Checklist

VALUE: $50

This Checklist contains step-by-step guidelines so your end customers will reap the most benefits from the lessons they learned the book. By simply breaking one huge topic into easy chunks, your users will get absolute understanding of the information by following easy to implement action steps!

MODULE 3: Mindmap

VALUE: $70

Prepared specifically with visual learners in mind. This complete mind map outlines everything your customers are going to learn throughout the entire course. With just a glance, your clients will have a clear picture of what they are going to expect and they will absorb so much more than reading through the book by pages.

MODULE 4: Lead Magnet

VALUE: $300

Its hard to sell to people without establishing credibility and trust. Thus, this lead magnet was developed with the goal of earning your customers belief that you are an authority in this field and increasing your chance to land numerous sales. 

This is  a 4,000 word, 25 page eBook that will warm them up to you. At the end of this eBook is a customizable link that will lead them to the sales page of the Sustained Optimism main product bundle. By going through this freebie, your leads are more likely to purchase the main product that you have to offer as this giveaway is closely linked and related to it.

MODULE 5: Landing Page

VALUE: $350

What's the use of a lead magnet without a landing page? 

In this PLR bundle, we have included a ready made landing page for your giveaway so you save the trouble of creating one from the ground up. Simply import the file to your page builder and import you own opt-in code form so you can capture emails and build your subscriber list.

Also included is a Thank You Page so you don't need to work on one as well!

MODULE 6: Graphics

VALUE: $300

Get all the graphics used in this PLR package so you can use them as well for your own purposes! Each graphic is professionally done so you can be sure of the quality you will get.  You get to save hundreds of dollars by no longer hiring a graphic artist to create these for you.

MODULE 7: Ready Made Sales Page

VALUE: $450

When we say this PLR package is a complete business-in-a-box, we mean it. That's why we have included a ready made sales page with a thank you/download page for you to upload! 

Your sales letter was written by our professional in-house professional copywriter specialized in driving high conversions. With one of the most difficult parts taken care of, you can now sell this product right from the get-go! So, instead of thinking what copy will convert or spending $1000s on acquiring the services of a professional copywriter, you can now sell this product right hassle-free!

You just have to connect the buy button with your payment processor, put your name on it and your sales funnel is good to go!

MODULE 8: Promotional Email Swipes

VALUE: $300

No business-in-a-box is complete without promotional emails!

Use these ready-made email swipes to let your subscribers know about your amazing product. Simply copy and paste these into your email autoresponder and you don't have to worry about creating high converting emails from scratch.

MODULE 9: Social Media Images

VALUE: $350

A lot of people are on social media nowadays. Why not lead them to your product with these social media images. Simply upload any or all of these images on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc... Engage with your audience and see the traffic roll in.

MODULE 10: License Pack

VALUE: $800



For Your Personal Use


Offer It As An Upsell To Increase Your Profits


Translate The Contents Into Other Languages


Publish It As An Actual Physical Book  


Put Your Name On It & Sell It As Your Own


Giveaway As A Lead Magnet


Create Videos & Podcasts Using The Contents


Use The Information As A Coaching Program


Use It As A Bonus For Your Customers


Repurpose The Contents 


Split The Contents And Use Them As Blog Posts


Turn Each Chapter Into Newsletters


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HOLD ON... We're Not Done Yet!


PLR Hackathon

Watch Over The Shoulders As We Work With A PLR Product!

Get this exclusive masterclass on how to use, sell and profit from Private Label Rights products. This valuable 4-part video series is not available anywhere else. By purchasing a copy  of Sustained Optimism, you get access to this indispensable training that will benefit you and your business in the  long  run.

VALUE: $997

Yours FREE!!!

PLR Profit Jacker

There are a lot of ways of profiting from PLR products!

In this exclusive bonus, you will be learn step by step how to jack up your profits using the power of private label rights! You're about to discover one of the laziest shortcuts to profiting online... while other people do the work! 

Available only when you purchase Sustained Optimism today!

VALUE: $497

Yours FREE!!!

Let's Recap Everything You Are About To Get

You'll Get Full Access To...

  •    MODULE 1: High Quality eBook [VALUE: $350]
  •    MODULE 2: Checklist [VALUE: $50]
  •    MODULE 3: Mindmap [VALUE: $70]
  •    MODULE 4: Lead Magnet [VALUE: $300]
  •    MODULE 5: Landing Page [VALUE: $350]
  •    MODULE 6: Graphics [VALUE: $300]
  •    MODULE 7: Ready Made Sales Page [VALUE: $450]
  •    MODULE 8: Promotional Email Swipes [VALUE: $300]
  •    MODULE 9: Social Media Images [VALUE: $350]
  •    MODULE 10: License Pack [VALUE: $800]

Plus Your Fast-Action Bonuses

  •    Fast Action Bonus #1: PLR Hackathon [VALUE: $997]
  •    Fast Action Bonus #2: PLR Profit Jacker [VALUE: $497]


Yours Today For Only...

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